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Security Systems

Xtreme Security are an ASIAL registered, Adelaide-based Domestic and Commercial Security System service provider, dedicated to providing our clients with world best practice security systems and monitoring services. Xtreme Security provides systems that are future ready, ready for NBN, ready for what you need. Systems like with both Hardwired and Wireless systems that are connected to you, with smart features to complement how you live.       

CCTV Camera

Camera Systems


Xtreme Security provide professional grade CCTV systems providing peace of mind. Our systems deliver using the best products, quality installation with great back up service. You get what you pay for.

CCTV is so much more than ever before. The rise of Artificial Intelligence means that now Vehicles can be tracked, multi sites viewed at once, notifications and people tracking common are items.


Latest Technology

In today's fast moving world, keeping up with technology can be of huge benefit. Xtreme Security constantly moves with the times, providing cutting edge products like wireless communications for security systems, intercoms, Bluetooth padlock technology, Home Automation. The future is exciting with Xtreme Security.



The Xtreme Security team take pride in their integrity. It’s one of many things that make us different.

Xtreme Security is a systems driven business, founded in response to a real need for high levels of customer service - beyond the initial consultation.

Our team, under the direction of Scott Grantham, focus on your needs throughout every part of the value chain. Our service levels should come as no surprise – Scott Grantham, our Technical Director, started his career within the industry after long service with the RAAF in a senior avionics role.



Year Established

Over 5000 



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Enquiries or Questions?, please call: 1300 882 145  or fill out the following form

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